We’ve been publishing, without fail, a new comic strip every single week since we re-launched in January, but when it came time for both me and for Pablo to take vacations (it turns out they were back-to-back), we decided that the time crunch meant that we should post something else for two weeks until things go back to normal.

So for this week, we’re posting the first of two vacation-themed sketches. As you can tell from the header on the sketch, Pablo is going to Costa Rica starting… today! He’ll be gone for a week and will likely have some adventures to share. He’s not sure if he’ll be able to make it to the actual sloth sanctuary while there, but I’m going to bet he’ll find a way to get there.

I went to Disney World last week with my family and next week’s sketch will be about that. Obviously, we were inspired by the sketches that Penny Arcade would post when they were on E3 trips.

Bobbo and Meany will be back to their usual three-panel tricks in two weeks.