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Jan 8Inaugural Balls
Jan 11Taking it into a Count
Jan 17Plantain Plaintiffs
Jan 22Little Mr. Raincloud
Jan 29Outlandish ‘Empire’
Feb 1Porno For Patients
Feb 6The Rite Stuff
Feb 9And now a word from our diapers…
Feb 16You Be ‘Suck’ And I’ll Be ‘Pay’
Feb 19The Lord’s Kraftwork
Feb 26An Inconvenient Group
Mar 1Did It All For The Nukey
Mar 7Links 2007
Mar 13Mii, Myself and I
Mar 15300 and Number 1
Mar 23Go Vo!
Apr 2Thermopylae Time’s Over
Apr 10An Age Old Tale
Apr 16Crotchety
Apr 20Total Reject Live
Apr 24Flight Said Fred
Apr 27Black Hole Sons
Apr 30Endangered Feces
May 4Back in Black
May 8Sprinkler Affective Disorder
May 18They Don’t Know Much…
May 28A Brief History Of Forgetting
Jun 1Urine a bad place
Jun 5The Masters Bait
Jun 8Fo’ fizzled
Jun 18Hair on his chinny chin chin
Jun 22Silver mettle
Jul 5IP0wned
Jul 9Rodimus Prime
Jul 13Optimus Pride
Aug 6…or breast offer
Aug 10Roller Shoe Blues
Aug 29Stiffly speaking
Sep 11The keys to freedom
Sep 21It’s a lock!
Sep 24Fornication designation
Oct 4Haloofah
Oct 16Eye Spy
Oct 31Pooptal
Nov 20American Urinator
Nov 29BlackFridaysploitation
Dec 31Givin’ ’em The Slip