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Feb 24Monkeys… from Space!
Apr 9He’s Bobbo the Sloth, Bitch
Jun 2Late Mid-morning of the Dead
Jul 14Dedicated To Ham
Jul 19The White Knight is Born
Jul 23The Motherload
Jul 26Hot Stuff Comin’ Through
Jul 30Son of a Space Monkey!
Aug 4Swap/Meet
Aug 6Patton-ted
Aug 9My-pod
Aug 11How He Comes to Be
Aug 13Not Very Wile E.
Aug 16Smart Money’s on Alf in Round 8
Aug 20Idiot!
Aug 30That’s What It’s For
Sep 3We All Scream
Sep 6Maybe
Sep 15Scrub Monkeys
Sep 17Hurricane Meany
Sep 20No Replacement for Friends
Sep 22War is Declared
Sep 24Star Whores
Sep 27The Very Definition
Oct 1Lean, Mean, Ball-Cookin’ Machine
Oct 4Bobbo Springs Eternal
Oct 8Moon Landing
Oct 11Say Hello to My Lazy Friend
Oct 18In Dreams & Wishes
Oct 22Things Go Aspray
Oct 29Speeding Bullet for Candy
Nov 3With No Title
Nov 5An “A” In Snack Time
Nov 8Rude Awakening
Nov 12Rocket Envy
Nov 15Evolutionary Developments
Nov 19Dreams Come True
Nov 22The Calling
Nov 24Cold Slaaaa, Part I
Nov 29Cold Slaaaa, Part II
Dec 2Cold Slaaaa, Part III
Dec 6Cold Slaaaa, Part IV
Dec 8Cold Slaaaa, Part V
Dec 13Poor, Poor Bunny
Dec 17The Joke Killer
Dec 20The Order of Things
Dec 22Christmas Crustacean
Dec 27Edumacated
Dec 29Problem Resolved