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Jan 32005: Year of the Space Monkey
Jan 5Disarmy of Darkness
Jan 10Personal Problem
Jan 12Grilla Warfare
Jan 17Bring the Noise
Jan 20Monkey Business
Jan 24Gaeity
Jan 26Your Matron is SO Heavyset…
Jan 31Maybe YOUR Mom, Too
Feb 2With Sugar on Top
Feb 7A Game of Inches
Feb 14Face Off
Feb 17Doing the Waive
Feb 28Wiener by Default
Mar 2Destination: Indigestion
Mar 14Hot Dog Day Afternoon Part I
Mar 16Hot Dog Day Afternoon Part II
Mar 29The Joke Killer Returns
Mar 31Hot Dog Day Afternoon Part III
Apr 4Hot Dog Day Afternoon Part IV
Apr 7So Hard To Say Goodbye
Apr 13Sno Noooo!
May 9Good Tomatoes Take Time
May 11Desperation
May 16Full of Sith
Jun 15Feel the Burn
Jun 22Cheetos Never Prosper
Jun 27The Road To Success, Part I
Jun 29The Road To Success, Part II
Jul 4Mama Kong
Jul 6The Road To Success, Part III
Jul 11Power Play
Jul 20Tethered Terror
Jul 25Robofop
Jul 28Rainbow Bright
Aug 2B-A-N-A-N-A-S
Aug 4Zap!
Aug 8Zombie Recycling
Aug 11Computer 1, PJ 0
Aug 12Cupcakes
Aug 16Little Bobbo Lost
Aug 19World of War-Avoidance
Aug 26Let’s Do the Timeshift Again
Aug 31Lunchlady Love
Sep 2Don’t Penguano Go Home
Sep 7A Gas
Sep 13Downward Facing Sloth
Sep 16It’s a Schlong Story
Sep 21Action Gravy #1
Sep 29Peecarious
Oct 5Celebrating 99 Would Be Silly
Oct 13That Sinking Feeling
Oct 17Insecurity
Oct 24Close Encounters of the Turd Kind
Oct 27Clay Ache-In’
Nov 1Bobbo Bee Fast
Nov 15The Flash
Nov 18…In the Funny Pages
Dec 7He’s Not An Artist
Dec 9Duturmination
Dec 14Goin’ Solo
Dec 20The Moistest Ninja
Dec 23King Wrong